This website includes significant articles/research and exhibits covering many areas of the philately of East Africa; Zanzibar, British East Africa, German East Africa, Uganda, EA & UP, KUT

East Africa

East Africa 1890 to 1965 article


Indian Post Office in Zanzibar; 1878-1895 exhibit

Sultan Thwain Issues, 1896-1898  article | exhibit

Sultan Thwain Postal Stationery article | exhibit

Zanzibar — Overprinted Postal Stationery of India, 1895-6 article | exhibit

British East Africa

BRITISH EAST AFRICA, The Stamps, Postal Stationery & Cancellations
edited and published by George T. Krieger. 2006
Book available from Publisher for US $25 plus postage
List of Contents

British East Africa: The Stamps and Their Usage exhibit

The Errors That Never Were article

Queen Victoria Issue exhibit

Postal Stationery 1891-1895 exhibit

German East Africa

Stamped to Order Postal Stationery article

German East Africa During WWI exhibit

Mafia Island exhibit article | exhibit

The Circular Date Stamps of Dar-es-Salaam  article | exhibit


Typeset Issue of 1896 article

Queen Victoria Issue article | exhibit

Uganda on British East Africa article | exhibit

East Africa & Uganda

Postal Stationery article

KUT (Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika)

Envelopes of KUT article

Registered Letter Envelopes List


Overprinted stamps of Ruanda-Urundi article


George T. Krieger